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Are You Missing That Last Piece of the Puzzle?

You are close, you are ready, you have the desire, and you are hungry, but you struggle to fill the gap of knowing how to apply what you already know. You want to move forward, you want the clarity, you just need the know how. You are in the right place mentally to get there, you are so incredibly close, you can almost feel that missing piece of your puzzle within your grasp.

What are you puzzled about? Are your relationships strong? Is your business thriving? Is your relationship with God secure? Are your dreams being realized?

Bring your desires, and your questions, Ann will explore and help you find the next right step to take to put the pieces in place and bring your desires into reality.

Don’t miss this! Your puzzle is about to be solved.

Don’t have a question? come and watch anyway, you may find an answer you didn’t know you were looking for.

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Ann Ferguson is a master mentor and owner of Joyful Heart Mentoring. She has written 3 courses that help people find the clarity they need and strengthen their connections to God. She has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of the matter and can easily find personalized ways to help you fill your gaps that are preventing you from your dreams. Ann offers a shame free, judgment free place where you feel safe and supported through anything life throws at you.