What Would I Love to Feel?

  Have you heard people say, “Make it a good day!” That’s a really nice thought I’m not the only one in my day that plays into whether or not it ends up good. Oh, I’d love to send out all my plans and make everyone execute them to perfection so that my day is a good one. BUT... I don’t have the power to make anyone do anything. [...]

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Choose Joy

Every morning last week I created Joyful experiences. Years ago it I didn’t know I could create joyful moments. I believed that Joy just happens when you have trudged through enough trials with patience and faith. Not so! I get to choose joy. This is how I did it. I got out of bed at 7:00 and walked. Day 1 - I didn’t want to and I kinda had [...]

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The “I Don’t Wannas”

Do you ever just feel MEH… That’s me today. I have a huge case of the “I don’t wannas”. I don’t want to do anything productive, responsible or required. Grief and depression are besties. And they’ve come to visit today. I am employing what I know to do to generate moments of JOY in any given situation. There is joy in this process. Here’s what I do. 1 - [...]

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Connection is a Choice

  Tom’s work requires him to travel a lot! He will be gone for weeks at a time. Then home for a few days and off again. This past trip he has been gone for 3 weeks. These have been some of the most difficult weeks I have passed through in a while. Sometimes when he is gone, and things have been rough, I get locked down into survival [...]

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Stay Calm and Watch What Happens

  I’ve never written about this journey. Someone just asked me if I have. So, I wrote. It’s still unedited but… I’m about to board a plane to DC and don’t have time to edit before I have to go to airplane mode. So here it is. There’s much more to the story. I’m really excited to continue. As I write I get to see God’s hand in my [...]

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Navigating Emotional Storms

There is a scale to gage how big of an emotional storm you are in. 0- You’re awesome and want to be awesome. 1- You’re off but don’t know why 2- You start to recognize a the beginning of a spin, but can quickly push it down. 3 - You’re able to name the emotions. I’m stressed, I’m overwhelmed, I’m anxious. Etc. 4 - You start to try to [...]

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He Trusts Me

  This is a dream I had in 2011 that I'm including in my book. I wrote it down in 2018. I'm so excited that I found it! I saw myself as a child kneeling on the floor about 5 feet from where I was watching. The space around my child self was completely void of light except for the light that was emanating from within her. This light [...]

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Breaking Through Fear

For years I refused to dream. I believed that if I wanted anything more that what life was giving me I was ungrateful. I valued making due with what I had even when I didn’t have enough to make ends meet. I was good at stretching every dollar. I had pride in it. I silently judged those who had abundance. I was better than them because I had grit. [...]

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Quiver of Growth

  I’m doing a big thing today. It feels unfamiliar. The growth is stretching me. Looking into the future is both exciting and uncomfortable. I’ve never occupied the space I’m stepping into. The summer before my granddaughter went to preschool, she kept telling me “I’m not really big” and she liked to play like she was a baby. One day she said to me “I’m a little afraid”. I [...]

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  I’ve never had a personalized plate. It was time to renew, and Tom asked me if I wanted one. I started playing with ideas, but nothing stuck. Then Tom suggested this. It’s perfection! JOY can be a part of your everyday life and is a very real power! This is a daily practice I teach. It’s called JOY PWR. J – Joy - Connect to a moment of [...]

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A Perfectly Hot Human Mess

I haven’t gotten out of bed today. And that’s ok! Yesterday my emotions bounced from angry to mad to defensive and protective to sad, to feeling controlled, then loved by Jaden (his hugs were intentional and supportive) and heard by Tom. Then I bounced back into anger and victimhood, and it was all ok! I wrote a letter to God yesterday morning. It’s something I do almost every day. [...]

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Staying Out of God’s Way

I found this on my notes app. I don't remember writing it. But it struck a chord with me today. What do you do when you feel like there is nothing you can do? Pray, lean into surrender, and breathe. If I stay calm the answer will come. If I'm busy doing just so I can say I did something, I may be in God's way. What do you [...]

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Not Wrong Just Different

Not Wrong, Just Different By Ann Ferguson Do you ever get frustrated when you are on a quest to learn and use the universal laws of thought to co-create a magnificent life, and your nearest and dearest aren’t interested in knowing what you are doing? Me too! I have had to rely on the skill of honoring others and their timing when I experience this frustration because if not, I [...]

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Are You Attached To Your Struggle?

Are You Attached To Your Struggle? by Ann Ferguson When I was a child, I asked my Mom questions.  I didn’t ask usual questions typical of a three-year-old. I asked the kind of questions that even adults don’t quite have the answer to. I have a memory of asking my Mom one morning, “How high is up?” I didn’t have a lot of understanding of the world or how it [...]

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The Master’s Arms

I felt this last night. I felt held in the Master’s arms. Earlier in the evening fear started to creep in. I read something and immediately started to project what all this means. What life looks like in 6 months or a year a year from now. It was all negative. It was like a tentacle reached out of the screen and was trying to grab my heart in [...]

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Vulnerability in Connection

Joy comes from connection. Connection to self. Connection to God. Connection to others. Connection comes from vulnerability. As a child I learned the rules to keep safe in a dysfunctional family system. Don’t talk, don’t trust, don’t feel, don’t share. In me these rules bred disconnection, pain, anxiety, fear, isolation, and numbness. Not joy. In those days I defined happiness as an absence of turmoil. I had no idea [...]

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See It

My son just jackrabbited his wallet that he thought he lost up in Wyoming last weekend. (If you don’t understand what “jackrabbited” means read The Jackrabbit Factor by Leslie Householder.) Last weekend we drove from St George, Utah to Star Valley, Wyoming for a family funeral. Saturday evening, we drove back from Star Valley, Wyoming to Orem, Utah and stayed the night there. Sunday morning as we were leaving [...]

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What Do You Want?

I didn’t want to go to the gym today. I really didn’t. It wasn’t because I was sore or sick or anything. I just didn’t wanna. I felt MEH. Sometimes when I feel this way don’t go. But today was different. When I contemplated my morning without the gym It felt weird. I took a deep breath. Counted down, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 .... and I booked the [...]

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Rhythm of Creation

Rhythm of Creation by Ann Ferguson Push until you can’t, rest until you can.   Those are the rules for the new online exercise program I started a few weeks ago.  This is a totally new way and rhythm of exercising for me.  Honestly I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around it. When I take a class at the gym, I push and push and push. I don’t like [...]

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Stretchy Growth

I spent a few hours today doing a Rewiring for Empowerment exercise. It’s very similar to the Reframing the Past exercise I teach in Joyful Heart Training. I’m in stretchy growth right now. It is good growth. But, just like a seed must crack through its outer shell in order to grow, I discovered that to move forward into my deepest desires I needed to crack through some things [...]

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Abundance, What Does That Word Even Mean?

"Abundance" What Does That Word Even Mean? by Ann Ferguson Years ago, I believe that living a life in lack was my lot in life.  It felt like I lacked everything outside of the air I had to breathe.  I lacked love; my husband had turned his heart away from me and had given it to another woman. I lacked time; I had five small children who needed every [...]

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They Are Watching and Learning

They Are Watching and Learning by Ann Ferguson My son is picking up these principles! Today I took my granddaughters to the park to play.  My son was in drama class, and logistically it didn’t work to have these two busy little girls running around the theatre.  There was a park across the street.   It was a gorgeous day, and there was lots of activity at the park. Olivia, [...]

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Patience is Required When Growing an Oak Tree

Patience is Required When Growing an Oak Tree by Ann Ferguson I have children and a husband who are not interested in learning about the Laws of thought.  They have resisted every nudge I have offered to read the Jackrabbit Factor and learn more about how these laws operate and why they are so cool. I get frustrated when no one wants to  join me on this quest to create [...]

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How to Believe When You Are Triggered By Your Past

How to Believe When You Are Triggered By Your Past by Ann Ferguson “When there is a choice, I choose to believe.” Leslie Householder’s voice was in my mind. “What kind of doctor ordered your MRI for today?” the lady behind the registration desk asked.  My doctor is a naturopath. Oh no, I thought, not this, not now… “What do you mean, what kind of doctor?” I answered. “He’s the [...]

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Imperfect Perfection – Why You Are Not Disappointing God

Imperfect Perfection - Why You Are Not Disappointing God by Ann Ferguson When I see a rosebud, I see potential.  I enjoy the anticipation of it blooming.  It has not opened up. It is beautiful, and it brings me joy. When I see a rose that has begun to bloom, I see growth. I lean in and smell the fragrance it’s blessing the world with.  It is not in full [...]

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What Would You Do if You Weren’t Afraid?

What Would You Do if You Weren't Afraid? by Ann Ferguson I have been afraid to write for years. When I was a senior in high school, I had a devastating experience with a research paper.  Through that experience, a belief was created that my writing isn’t acceptable or valuable.  Eventually, that belief became a story. I told myself the story so often that evidence of my weakness became [...]

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The Joy of Dreaming

The Joy of Dreaming By Ann Ferguson I remember the moment I realized that I had stopped dreaming. My fiancée was repairing my desk’s keyboard tray that kept falling off the tracks. We were about four months away from starting our new life together. He was really anxious to get me into a better situation than the one I was living in. He was under the desk, laying on his [...]

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