For years I refused to dream.

I believed that if I wanted anything more that what life was giving me I was ungrateful.

I valued making due with what I had even when I didn’t have enough to make ends meet.

I was good at stretching every dollar.

I had pride in it.

I silently judged those who had abundance.

I was better than them because I had grit. I could dig deep and survive.

Survival and dreams are like oil and water. They don’t mix.

One day I caught a glimpse of what was possible.

I can experience the good things in life.

Without sacrificing my gratitude.

Without sacrificing my ability to stretch myself

Without sacrificing my heart.

I started to sacrifice the things that chain me to my belief that struggling in lack was noble. (that was a big sacrifice)

I started to sacrifice my judgement that those who have ease are weaker than me.

I started to sacrifice my PRIDE.

I started to sacrifice my belief that I had to earn the blessing of joy.

Now I dream.

Now I vision.

Now I joyfully anticipate those dreams realized.

Now I get excited about what is next!

Today is a day I dreamed about years ago.

Today I’m going to explore, experience, and breathe in how good joy is, and how fun dreaming is!

It’s scary to dream when evidence says nothing will work out.

But it’s so worth it to break through the fear!