Every morning last week I created Joyful experiences.
Years ago it I didn’t know I could create joyful moments.
I believed that Joy just happens when you have trudged through enough trials with patience and faith.
Not so! I get to choose joy.
This is how I did it. I got out of bed at 7:00 and walked.
Day 1 – I didn’t want to and I kinda had to kick myself in the butt to get out of bed. I did 1.75 miles.
Day 2 – I didn’t WANT to either, but my day was better over all on day 1 so I tried it again.
Day 3 – I wanted to.
Day 4 – I was excited
Day 5 – I craved it.
Day 6 – I did 4.25 miles!

It felt so good for:

  • My mind – I felt in charge of my life
  • My body – I had more energy.
  • My spirit – I walked and talked with God
  • My mood lifted
  • My desire to eat healthy foods increased.
  • I got clear about what I wanted to accomplish each day.
  • My writing was easier
  • My ability to pull away from work and connect with other was better.

Such a small thing that yielded such big things; joyful things.

There was drama in my life last week too. There was doubt, fear, regret, confusion, inadequacy, frustrations, loneliness. AND I didn’t have to wait for everything to work out, be resolved, feel confident or connected for me to experience joyful moments.

Joy is possible every single day.

If you feel meh… like I did a few weeks ago, know that it’s possible to move out of it and find what generates joy for you. For you it may not be walking, but I promise you there is something. You don’t have to feel numb or flat. It’s not a requirement to prove you are good at enduring. AND you’re not bad or wrong or faithless if you do feel numb or flat. It’s just what you are experiencing.