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Joyful Heart Mastery

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Cosette Snarr

Hi, my name is Cosette Snarr. I’m a mother of four, grandmother to fourteen. I can also say that I have been with my husband for fifty years. As wonderful and romantic as that may sound, it really doesn’t tell the whole story. During many years of our marriage my husband suffered from health issues that dramatically disrupted our lives. My way of dealing with the situation was to control and fix all that I saw as wrong in our relationship. Instead of peace, I ended up feeling extremely frustrated, bitter, and angry at my husband, and even God. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t make things right.
Finally, after almost 30 years of frustration, I went to the Lord in a way that was different from every way I’d approached Him before. This time I was willing to make some changes rather than insisting that changes needed to come from my husband. It was in that moment of surrender that my life took a 180 degree turn. Within a few months I fell in love with my husband again. Life became easier instead of a constant chore. I had peace, rather than turmoil in my heart.
My experience gave me a desire to help other women avoid the long process I went through to finally trust the Lord and depend on His help. The problem was, I didn’t know how to really put what I’d done into words. It was so easy to say: Just let it go. Have faith. He loves you. That’s often not enough, especially when a person doesn’t believe it’s possible. I needed better words to explain HOW to do those things, HOW to make that connection to the Savior that changed everything for me.
This program showed me the tools, some I’d used without knowing, to teach people how to connect with the Savior, trust Him, and learn how to experience joy in doing so on a daily basis. It’s a beautiful program and well worth the time spent in which you will learn how to create a more joyful life for yourself, and in turn your family.