Do you have content to create, a book to write, or a project that needs to be produced but you keep getting distracted? 

Is your team finding it hard to get focused on the next big project?

Join us at the Holmstead Ranch in Southern Utah for a

Creator's Retreat

August 10-13, 2022

An all inclusive event with all the resources you need to for distraction free creation.

Pricing starting at $1,597 per person

Holmstead Ranch

A deluxe glamping resort located in Central, Utah.

Special pricing and accomodations for teams.

What's Included

Access to an accomplished editor to help you make sure your message is going out with the clarity you desire.

Morning Yoga to get your body stretched so your mind can stretch.

Personal Photography Session - Update your headshot with a professional photographer.

Video equipment and teleprompter for you to create high quality videos.

Informative evening workshops and Mastermind Groups on branding and overcoming writers block.

Fully catered meals with sensitivity to diet restrictions prepared by a personal chef.

The Owner of Rooftop Publishing will be there to give clarity sessions to get that book started. Help you lay out a writing plan. She will even be doing an evening workshop to discuss the publishing options available.