Danie Davis
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Joyful Heart Mastery
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Joyful Heart Mastery      *experience runs 12 weeks

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         *experience runs 7 weeks

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Danie Davis

Danie is a compassionate mentor who yearns to help women of all ages and backgrounds to find joy in the journey of life. It is vitally important to her to assist those she mentors in gaining the understanding they need in order to lift themselves, their children, and others into greater heights of light and strength.

She rejoices in helping others to find power in their ability to choose, to find joy in every situation, and to understand what great things God has in store for them. She does this by encouraging her clients to discover more about who they are, the power that lies within them for good, and ultimately, to find that they have the choice to rise and be more than their circumstances and experiences.
Danie personally knows the joy that can come from truly relying on the Savior Jesus Christ, and her heart is filled with the desire to help others experience a deeper, more abundant relationship with Him. Through Joyful Heart Training, she teaches simple tools that can empower individuals to come more fully to Christ and find the true joy and power that is their birthright. She has also come to understand with a deep conviction that joyfully living with greater intention towards building Zion in one's heart is key to Spiritual Survival.