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My passion is teaching spiritual principles to heal emotional wounds and to help people discover how to step into the JOY that is available and waiting for everyone to experience.

I love to celebrate each step with those I mentor as they experience a divine partnership with Jesus Christ. I would love to walk with you as we clear the cobwebs from your mind and awaken to the possibilities in front of you.

Having grown up in a home plagued with alcohol, drug and sexual addiction, I understand the complexities of addiction and its effects on families.  I also understand  betrayal trauma and know how important it is to set clear, healthy boundaries to  maintain a strong sense of self-worth and self-care with compassion.

I am a survivor of homelessness due to a natural disaster and am also a survivor of breast cancer.  I know how to employ trust in God, rare faith to move mountains and live joyfully no matter what is or is not happening around me. Through all of my experiences I took notice of the skills and knowledge that God was teaching me and now love to teach how to let joy in  even when life looks super scary and messy.

I created Joyful Heart Mentoring and it’s programs because I wanted a place where I can reach others and teach the tools I  gained.  I would love to help you learn these skills so that you can  show up for and support your families in a powerful, peaceful, and effective way.

It would be my privilege to mentor you from where you are now into the person you deeply desire to be.