Flora Berg
- Program Mentor -

Joyful Heart Mastery

Flora's Upcoming Classes
** All times are Mountain Time

Joyful Heart Mastery     * experience runs 12 weeks

Tuesday               9:30am                Dec 7, 2021

Tuesday                 1:30pm                 Dec 7, 2021

Thursday                 11:30am                 Jan 6, 2022

Thursday                  2:00pm                 Jan 6, 2022

Flora Berg

Hello friend. I am Flora. A mom to five of my most favorite people on earth. I have faced the heartache of infertility and miscarrage; experienced the challenges of homeschooling; known the struggles of raising special needs children; endured the devastation of divorce; and felt the humiliation and frustration of financial bondage. These experiences have repeatedly brought me to my knees. But they have been blessings too. Through these trials, I have gained increased understanding and empathy for others. I have learned to rely on my Savior. 
Joyful Heart Mastery has been a divine gift for me. The tools I have learned have empowered me to more fully heal past hurts and strengthen my relationships with family, friends, and God. I have experienced many lessons and courses over my years, but never have I been given real and practical understanding of HOW to recognize, protect, and expand the joy in my life. I now know HOW to thrive and bask in joy, even while experiencing life in a fallen world. Because Joyful Heart Mastery has been such a blessing for me, I feel driven to share these tools with other women: Women who yearn to create Sanctuaries of Faith as they Strengthen Home and Family. Please join me as we support each other.