This is a dream I had in 2011 that I’m including in my book. I wrote it down in 2018. I’m so excited that I found it!

I saw myself as a child kneeling on the floor about 5 feet from where I was watching. The space around my child self was completely void of light except for the light that was emanating from within her. This light illuminated a present on the floor in front of her. She was just about to unwrap the gift.

Throughout the dream, all of the emotions that welled up in her welled up in me at the same time. I felt her excitement and anticipation as she started to open the gift. She lifted the lid off of the box and set it aside, took a deep breath, and peered inside the box. Immediately she drew back in shock wonder and awe. She looked up and toward where I was standing. She didn’t see me. It was as though I was invisible to her. She was looking up at someone who was behind my left shoulder and said, “This! I get to do this!? I felt her flood of emotions. She was full of gratitude and disbelief that this gift was hers. The vibrations of inadequacy and doubt rushed in.

Inside that box was her life mission. It was much bigger than she had ever anticipated. It was important and full of responsibility and impact. She didn’t know what to do with it. It was just too big. Should she accept it? She didn’t feel like she could accomplish the tasks being given to her. Her skills were not at the level required for something of this much consequence and magnitude. Just as the emotions started to overwhelm her, there was a wonderful, warm, loving, laugh from behind my shoulder. It was Heavenly Father. He was thoroughly enjoying the whole experience.

Her eyes searched His. Did He really trust her to do this? He laughed again and assured her that this was not a mistake. He has full confidence in her. That made all the difference. He trusted her and would help her. With deep reverence, respect, and gratitude for what it meant, she nervously accepted. The dream ended…

At times I feel just like she did. Excited, scared, overwhelmed, and doubtful about my ability to do what is in my heart to do. I’m grateful for this dream. He trusts me. He knows I can do it and that calms my soul and gives me the courage to ride out the quiver I feel every time I step into some new level of growth.