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Hidden Treasures

By Leslie Householder

Why We Love It – Ann Ferguson

From the very first page,  I chewed this book up. Let me explain what “chewing a book up”means to me.  It means that there is so much meat that I can’t process it quickly.  Every chapter has nuggets that I want to understand and implement.  My copy for Hidden Treasures is highlighted, notated, and has well-worn pages.  (I might have even purchased the audio version to listen to while driving.)

 “Hidden Treasures”,  marries the law of attraction with the idea of co-creation with God. And more than that the author took the time to research and show where these principles show up in the scriptures. When I read it, my heart settled, and my spirit awakened.  The rest is history.  

My entire company has been built through understanding, implementing, and practicing what I learned in these pages.  I’m convinced that  I would not have been able to do what I have done without acting within the laws of co-creation.  God is a pretty great business partner. I have enjoyed, miracle after miracle, and know what is my part and what is God’s to do.    

If you are the kind of person who likes original thoughts backed up by sources, then this is the book for you.   

If you would love help in understanding and implementing the truths here, so that you begin to co-create with God, I’ve got you.  Our mentored program, Igniting Your Belief is the first step in the journey. After you read the book of course!