Imperfect Perfection – Why You Are Not Disappointing God

by Ann Ferguson

When I see a rosebud, I see potential.  I enjoy the anticipation of it blooming.  It has not opened up. It is beautiful, and it brings me joy.

When I see a rose that has begun to bloom, I see growth. I lean in and smell the fragrance it’s blessing the world with.  It is not in full bloom. It is beautiful, and it brings me joy.

When I see a rose that is in full bloom, I see maturity.  It is rich in color and is expansive.  It is beautiful, and it brings me joy.

A rose is beautiful and perfect in every stage that it passes through. When it’s in its bud state,  I am not disappointed that it hasn’t opened yet.  When it’s in full bloom, I do not wish it would go back to being bud. It is precisely in the stage of growth it is supposed to be in. And I love that it is full of potential and progress all at the same time.

The Law of Relativity helps me have the perspective that  when I feel  I’m not measuring up and don’t have the skills, talents, or advantages that others have, I am exactly where I am supposed to be.  I can remind myself that God sees me as a rose. And, is appreciating every moment of my existence. He sees me as beautiful and perfect.

In God’s view of me, I am always enough because of the growth I am engaged in.  I am also perpetually in a state of not being enough because there is more growth to be had.  Sometimes I’m a rock star and accomplish big things. Other times I’m a slug because I have come down with a case of the “I don’t wannas” and I am avoiding anything that seems productive. To God, I’m perfect at each moment of my growth process. Even when it appears to everyone else that I’m not growing at all.  He loves that I am full of potential and progress all at the same time.

One thing I am learning as I walk along my path is that only God defines me. I don’t see all that there is, even within myself.  There will always be someone less fortunate, and there will always be someone with more significant advantages.  Another’s path, progress, and process is none of my business. I don’t see all that there is. What is happening within them is between them and God because only God defines them. And he sees them as beautiful and perfect.

When I am willing to be connected to God, I am shown in a wonderfully loving, grace-filled way what I need to do to inch a little closer to my potential.  He shows me where I need to go back and do some pruning to cut out the things that are taking energy from the growth that will bring me the most joy.

When I am willing to be connected to Him, I am shown in a loving, grace-filled way what is possible. He shows me someone who is further on the path so I know what’s in store, and when I’m willing to receive it, I recognize the courage and support he is offering to help me get there.

Christ was the perfect example of living within the Law of Relativity.  He never denied his power, and he always sought the will of the Father.  In this way, he grew from grace to grace as he moved within his mission on earth.

When I am practicing the Law of Relativity, I can stand without feelings of shame and inadequacy as I receive the mentorship, guidance, and support offered to me.   I can see what I have accomplished.  I can claim my talents, gifts, and strengths without comparison to anyone else. This allows me to stand in confidence without pride. I feel love for my fellow man and reach back to help others who God has put in my path to assist and guide them.  It is the pattern of Heaven and is the sweet spot of humility.

Where do you feel you are? Are you feeling like there are so many people who have it more together, are smarter and more talented than you?   The truth is there are!  There are many people that God has put within your sight to show you what is ahead of you.  Are you feeling like you are ahead of some people in your life?  The truth is you are!  You have experienced growth as you have learned, accepted, and live these laws. There are many people that God will bring into your view. When he instructs, reach back and show them what you have just learned.   This is the pattern of Heaven and is the sweet spot of humility.

The next time you see a rose, no matter what stage of its progress it’s in, take a minute to remember that you are the rose.  You are beautiful, and you are perfect exactly as you are.