Where the

“book knowledge”

gained from reading 

Looking Unto Christ

in Every Thought

becomes a living lab.

Take what you have read and learn how to live it

with both the guidance and support of a mentor and the accountability of like-minded peers.

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Why take Igniting Your Belief?

You’ve read the book and been inspired.

The way you see things is changing.

You’ve been inspired before and desired to make changes

so what makes this time different?

This time, you have an opportunity to work with a personal mentor

who will walk with you on this journey.

Together we will make these new ideas stick

and become a part of how you live your everyday life.

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Igniting Your Belief is a guided, experiential practice using the principles written about in Looking Unto Christ in Every Thought.

With the guidance of a trained, personal mentor, you will be taught skills and tools that will teach you how to identify the voice and temptations of the Adversary and what to do about it.

Course Schedule

What to Expect

Classes meet weekly via Zoom, and last approximately 90 minutes.

Within a group of other like-minded peers, along with your mentor, you will:

  • Be given support and love

  • Experience connection and accountability

  • Increase your knowledge and understanding of your thoughts and feelings (and how your body plays into that)

  • Learn new tools and principles weekly; each one building on the previous one

  • Claim (or re-claim) your joy as you connect with Heaven

Participants that regularly, intentionally, and actively engage in the course

over the full 12 weeks will experience a greater abundance of joy.

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Ann Ferguson, Master Mentor and Creator of the Igniting Your Belief program gives her own, personal guarantee – declaring 

“I promise you, I promise you!

You will be changed in 3 months!”

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In a world where nobody is exempt from experiencing trials and challenges,
Igniting Your Belief
is an indispensable program that will teach you
how to believe in the Eternal Being you are,
so you can hold onto your joy,

even when you face circumstances and experiences that threaten to steal it.

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