Igniting Your Belief

Belief is Based on Connection

Connection to Yourself

Connection to Others

Connection to God & Christ

How is this Different?

“Therapy helps me make sense of my past. Igniting Your Belief helps me maturely deal with the past, stay in the present, and look forward to creating a better and brighter future for myself and my family.” ~Kay

“The Emotional Resilience program explains the habits and patterns of happiness. Igniting Your Belief teaches the tools and skills, and provides the support to make that happen. First, I learn the What and Why. Then I’m supported as I Practice the the How.” ~Flora

What Is It?

Igniting Your Belief is a 12-week, small group (usually 5-8 participants) mentored class.

Participants meet once weekly in a zoom class with additional support throughout the week via social messaging apps.

The small groups provide a safe, supportive environment where connections are made and individuals are heard.

Joyful Heart Mentors are not licensed therapists.

The courses are self-help facilitating groups consistent with Christian values.

This is for you if:

  • You feel like you don’t have a voice
  • You struggle with being indecisive
  • No matter how much hope you try to have in good things to come, anxiety always wins out
  • You’re tired and feeling invisible
  • You find yourself disappointed all the time
  • You feel like the heavens are silent
  • You have faith that God has the power but you struggle with the belief that He will do things for you
  • You don’t want contention but you don’t know what to do with the anger that’s just under the surface


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