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Frequently Asked Questions

Joyful Heart Mastery is a 12-week course, your entire class will begin and finish together.

Your mentor will send you the class recording and you can always reconnect via Facebook, Marco Polo or a personal meetings with your mentor.

We believe in coming as you are. You can participate in class from anywhere you can carry your smart phone, on the soccer field, during lunch break, in school pick up line or while folding the laundry. We make it as easy as possible for you to come learn, participate and feel connected.

There is no religious affiliation requirement to do any work with Joyful Heart Mentoring. We are excited to help everyone step into a life filled with joy, purpose and abundance. The principles are universal, and we believe the concepts are easily translated to fit all cultures and belief systems. While we do not preach religious doctrine, our lessons are centered around a connection to God, Christ and the Holy Ghost. We are confident you will experience its beneficial impact no matter your religious beliefs.

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