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The Jackrabbit Factor

By Leslie Householder

Why We Love It – Ann Ferguson

What does a Jackrabbit have to do with your ability to experience abundance?  

I’m not going to spoil it for you.  You just need to trust me here and read the book!

I will tell you that it has a lot more to do with knowing HOW to exercise faith and belief than any other book I have ever read.  It’s one of those books that after you read it, you are so jazzed that you want everyone you know, to KNOW, what you now know!  

Within the first month of reading this, I bought multiple copies and gave them as Christmas gifts.  To this day I always have at least five on hand at the house in case I’m inspired to share them with someone.

I do not believe that there is any other single book that I have shared more

I love allegories because as I watch a character walk through something, I learn right along with them, and the learning sticks.  That is how this book is written.  

It starts with a gentleman and his wife whose finances are tight they are stressed about the bills. There’s a stack of them on the bed when he arrives home from a very stressful day at work. He sees them, swipes them off the bed, and storms out of the house. He’s emotionally exhausted and overwhelmed with the weight of finances and taking care of his family. What he is doing isn’t working, but he has no idea what needs to change.  

His wife is anxious, confused, and scared and has no idea what to do or think. What she is doing isn’t working anymore, and she has no idea what needs to change or who needs to be the one to change.  

They have both lost their desire to dream.  Dreams are for other people and are irresponsible. Both something keeps pulling at them.  This can’t be all there is to life,  There has to be more.

Sound familiar? 

Emotionally exhausted, the husband stomps off into the woods, sits down by a tree, and falls asleep. In his dreams, he is taught by mentors. And so was I as I read the rest of the story.

Very few books have changed my life like this one.  It changed my perceptions about some things and explained what contributed to the miracles I have seen in my life.  If you are ready for a quick, easy-to-understand but profound read.  This is the book for you  (And everyone else you know)

If you would love to have a mentor walk with you through the same shifts Richard makes in the book, I have you.  Our mentored program, Igniting Your Belief will help you fill in the gaps where doubt and uncertainty are and set you up for incredible things.