Jen Robinson
- Program Mentor -

Joyful Heart Mastery

Jen Robinson
Hello everyone! My name is Jen Robinson, and I’m excited to help you on your Joyful Heart and/or health journey. To give you a little bit of information on my background, I have been in the fitness and nutrition industry for 20+ years. I am a Primal Holistic Health coach, a Natural Hormone Balancing Specialist, and I hold a degree in kinesiology as a physical fitness specialist. As well as being a Master Fitness Coach, I am also a Sports nutritionist through International Sports Medicine Association.

During 2020, I decided to put myself back through some more schooling through Mindset Mastery through the Rare Faith Institute, as well as Joyful Heart Mastery. Through the Joyful Heart Mastery Program, I empower/mentor people on how to find their joy again and truly live in it. It is a faith based program that teaches the mentee how to co-create with their God/Universe.

My biggest joy in life is my family. My husband, mom and my son motivate me daily. Knowing that they have always believed in me and are so proud of my accomplishments, I just want nothing but the absolute best for us moving forward everyday.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about me. I’m truly looking forward to getting to know you while we work together to learn how to recognize your joys every day and take them into your heart. I can’t wait to get started!

Jen's Upcoming Classes
** All times are Mountain Time

Joyful Heart Mastery     * experience runs 12 weeks

Wednesday               10:00am                Feb 2, 2022

Wednesday - Special in Person Class      7:00pm     Feb 2, 2022