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Mentor vs Teacher

I want to explain to you what it means to have a mentor, what that looks like, and why the experience of having a personal mentor is different from having a teacher or a coach. Then, I will talk about what your mentor’s role is and what your role is as the mentee. When you understand your mentor’s role and your role you can feel safe sharing and growing during your Joyful Heart Mastery Course.

So first, let’s talk about teachers and coaches because that’s what most of us are used to, right? Coaches are those who tell others what to do and when to do certain things. They are people who stand on the sidelines saying, “You’re capable. You’ve got this!” “Go do the workout I have laid out for you, and report back when you are finished.” “Do this and you will succeed.” There may be times when a mentor will use coach-like phrases, but this is not going to be their first line of communication with you as the mentee.

Teachers are the ones who claim, I have done this, I have studied that, this is what I do. They have information that they have gathered and put together, and then they pass it down to the students. The students are then expected to retain the information in order to take a test, answer questions correctly, or accomplish a task the way the teacher wants it done. Teachers say, “Here’s the book. Read it and do what I have done and you will get to where I am.”

The problem is, a journey to joy is not about the brain. It isn’t about storing a bunch of information. This experience is about your heart, And that is why you need a personal mentor because a mentor is someone who can help you connect to your heart so that you can become joy FULL.

Your mentor is going to walk with you on your journey and ask you many questions. It's not just going to be information thrown at you, but your mentor is going to encourage you to dig a bit deeper and learn from your own experiences and help you find your path. The truth is, everything you need is already inside you, and YOU get to find your answers and your own path to joy. Your mentor is not going to tell you you're wrong. They are going to help you self-evaluate when you feel like you are failing. They are going to celebrate with you when you succeed. A mentor is just somebody who's going to walk with you on this path to joy.

It’s like your mentor has set a grand table for a feast of joy. They have set a place for you, and they welcome you to the table just as you are. They are going to be with you at the table, feasting on joy themselves, inviting you to try different things, to test something else out, and they are going to want to hear about your experience and your thoughts the whole way through. They know how to honor your authenticity, your opinions, and your journey. Trust them with this and come as you are, try new things, and see what you discover about yourself and about joy.

Your role at this feast of joy is to show up, and fill up with that joy. Your mentor cannot eat for you just like they cannot breathe for you. It is your responsibility to eat until you are content, and your mentor will honor what that looks like for you. At the end of this experience, you may be filled and go on with your life. Or, you may want to return again sometime. Please do! All are welcome at the table, when ever that is, but it’s up to you to fill up on the experience until you are fill and satisfied that you joy is in you.

Your mentor's role will be to stay in their own car in their own lane. That means they're walking their walk and encouraging you to do the same in your own car, in your own lane. What that means is no matter what anybody else is doing, it's not your business. What is the Lord telling you to do? What is your next step? How do you want to do this? That's you staying in your car in your own lane, and your mentor will not get in the way of this. But please, remember, to stay in communication so that your mentor knows that you're there. When you get stuck, reach out to your mentor. When you feel lost, call your mentor. When you blow a tire, let your mentor help you so you can continue on. Your mentor's role is to hold vision for you and allow your process to unfold.

Now there's going to be some big moments where your mindset is going to shift, and it's going to feel like a firehose has been turned on you. I have been there and so has your mentor. Your role is to communicate to your mentor, and if you lean into the firehose and tell your mentor, “I don't understand this. I feel a little bit overwhelmed.” Your mentor will be right there with you, believing in your ability to succeed, and you will make it through.

Another one of your mentor's roles is to seek the inspiration of God in the moments that you need it. But they're willing to let God be your God. Your mentor is not your God. You get to let God be your God and lean into this process of growth.

So a mentor is here for you and I highly recommend that you trust them and submit to the process. They've been highly trained to honor you, to help you find your path, your process, your motivation, and your connection to Christ. It has nothing to do with your mentor and everything to do with you. They've walked the walk and will stand with you while you do yours. We know that the path to joy looks different for everyone, and so does the pace. And that’s okay! But the tools are the same.

Your mentor has these tools and they have experience and skill in using them. They are going to introduce those tools to you, instruct you on how to use them and some ideas of what they can be used for. They are going to then hand those tools over to you and you get to decide how, when, and where you are going to use them. As you use the tools yourself, your mentor will be there to guide, support, and cheer you on. They want YOU to gain the skillset to create what YOU want to create. You have the raw materials, your mentor will give you the tools, and then it will be up to you to build JOY.

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