Karleigh Wilding
- Program Mentor -

Joyful Heart Mastery

Karleigh's Upcoming Classes
** All times are Mountain Time

Joyful Heart Mastery     * experience runs 12 weeks

Tuesday          6:00 am          June 14, 2022

Thursday          4:00 pm          June 16, 2022

Karleigh Wilding

Hello! My name is Karleigh and I am a certified Joyful Heart Mentor. It is my greatest desire to show you how to reclaim your power and fully experience joy the way it was designed to be felt. This is how I choose to spread God’s light and fight against the darkness of Satan. We will spend twelve weeks together learning, exploring, and growing through specifically designed tools that will not only change your life, but the lives of those who are most precious to you. Come with me and follow Him. I grew up in unique circumstances and from that I gained a lot of different experiences that shaped who I am today. I have seen people hide their struggles while desperately searching for connection. I have seen my dearest friends suffer with feeling lost and alone. I have seen and experienced the frustrations of “doing all the things” to be close to Christ and still not feeling Him. I’m here to tell you there is hope. I first experienced JoyfulHeart in May of 2020 through my sister in law, and let me tell you what a life changing experience that was. I learned that I’m a rebel, and that doesn’t make me bad, I learned to recognize and then to ignore Satan’s lies, and most importantly I learned how to connect with God wholeheartedly. I hope that through the bonds we forge together we will be able to strengthen the army of God, that you will be equipped with a renewed sense of worth and above all fully embrace Joy.