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Looking Unto Christ

in Every Thought

By Dennis R. Deaton

About the Book –

For all Christians who earnestly seek to accept the Lord Jesus Christ’s loving invitation to “Come Unto Me,”
there is tremendous need to understand how literally and directly the adversary is endeavoring to defeat
our discipleship by tampering with our thoughts. Cunningly disguised as their own thoughts, these ploys go
well beyond what most people recognize as temptations. Thoughts that tear down a person’s sense of
worth and worthiness, undermine hope and spirituality, foster grudges and negative feelings towards
others, and fill us with fear, doubt and discouragement are also of satanic origin.

Unfortunately, most people do not recognize these intrusions in their minds for what they actually are nor
where they’re coming from. All too often, they berate themselves for the fears, self-limiting doubts and
discouragement masquerading as the person’s own thoughts and therefore needlessly struggle to dispel
them. Pointedly, they can’t win the battle if they’re fighting the wrong foe.

The purpose of Looking Unto Christ in Every Thought: Defeating Fear, Doubt and Discouragement is to:
1) alert readers to the prevalence of Satan’s tactics and specifically what those tactics are; 2) provide them
with the mental skills to unmask the liar within along with tools to repel his deceptions; 3) encourage
readers to put greater trust in the promises of the Lord and strengthen their beliefs in obtaining them; and
4) inspire readers to sanctify the Lord God in their hearts by looking to Christ in every thought, and doubt
nor fear not.

Why We Love It – Ann Ferguson

 I would love you to get this book. 

It is called “Looking Unto Christ in Every Thought; Defeating Fear, Doubt, and Discouragement.”

I’ve met and spoken to the author. He is a wonderfully humble, and wise man.  In this book, he’s teaching some of the fundamental principles that I teach in my courses; it had me so dang excited when I read it.  

The author and I both agree that the reality is, you are not your own worst enemy. The things you struggle with, the thoughts you have about yourself, are not you fighting yourself and your flaws or weaknesses.  When we talk about negative self-talk, it’s not self-talk; it’s self-listening.  

You see, there is only one God, and he’s intimately invested in your good. He really just wants to bless you. And if the law of opposition exists, there’s only one enemy, and he is trying to jack you up. Do you ever hear or feel that you’re a failure, you’re not consistent, or you drop everything? Yep, you’re being bullied!  There’s an enemy. And he’s good at making you believe anything that will discourage you.  

But what’s remarkable about this book is it goes in-depth into all the different ways you are being messed with.  When we know what we are looking at, it is easy to see what is actually really happening. It was a huge profound shift when I discovered this truth and I’m so excited that you can learn so much more here.  

This is a fabulous  Christmas present. Get it for those who love a good religious read. I bought 7 copies and have given 5 as presents!

Knowing that I have an enemy, I can see him and say, “ooh, I see you. I know that you’re trying to thwart me.” is a priceless game changer.

Get this book today, and share it with your friends!