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Living Through the Meantime

By Iyanla Vanzant

Why We Love It – Ann Ferguson

When the relationship with my ex went sour, I found this book called “Living Through the Meantime.” This is a workbook companion to the book, “In the Meantime.” “In the Meantime” is how to love yourself and get the love you want. But it was when you’re literally, in the meantime, in between relationships. A lot of times, there are things that you need to fix about yourself. There were some things that I needed help understanding about myself. It does not justify the affair or the betrayal, but I could see some of the things I was letting into my life. The other thing that it did was it kept my heart open. It is so good. From the book, “Are you confused, angry, disappointed, frustrated, anxious, apprehensive, sorry for yourself or generally wiped out?

If so, my friend, you are in the meantime. Are you ready to put the pieces of your life together? Are you ready to begin the process of healing? Are you ready to give and receive love in all of your experiences?” I learned about unconditional love beautifully through “Living Through the Meantime” by Iyanla Vanzant.