There is a scale to gage how big of an emotional storm you are in.

0- You’re awesome and want to be awesome.

1- You’re off but don’t know why

2- You start to recognize a the beginning of a spin, but can quickly push it down.

3 – You’re able to name the emotions. I’m stressed, I’m overwhelmed, I’m anxious. Etc.

4 – You start to try to discharge the emotion. Usually by blaming, (yourself or others). Talk about what has happened with a friend. You find the chocolate to numb out on or you engage in some type of avoidance it distracting binge

5 – You explode, or hermit. This is where you send the text you should have never written, you eat the whole bag of chocolates, or go into the gaming world/phone for hours on end.

If you can catch it at the level 2 or 3 you can diffuse it through your thought patterns.

If you are at a 4 or 5 there is no thinking yourself out of it. You need to use your body to disrupt the energy of whatever you’re dealing with.

Learning this skill makes all the difference in so many situations. Because when you are at a 2 or 3 you can still access a spark or genius idea to get your problem solved.

Today Tom and I were supposed to fly to DC. The flight was cancelled. We have been in the airport all day. We kept calm and kept asking for spark ideas.

Tom booked us on another flight that leaves at 11:39 pm. We will arrive tomorrow morning.

We are at a hotel by the airport to take a nap for a few hours so that we will be ok for tomorrows adventures.

Tom easily tackled the problem. I stayed calm. It’s a peaceful way to live.

We honored what was happening and didn’t stuff the frustration.