Specializing in Reframing Past Traumas

Jimi Teague is a Certified Holographic Memory Resolution Practitioner, a Joyful Heart Mentor and Rare Faith Facilitator. Using Creative Visualization, Jimi can address trauma in a gentle, non-invasive way without causing you to relive the experiences. This allows you to release stories that have been limiting your progress. She specializes in helping you get clear about your goals, guiding you through reframing past traumas and removing the triggers and blocks that have been holding you back from creating the life you desire.

Jimi is a wife and mother of 4 and a homesteading enthusiast. She currently resides in Missouri with her husband, teenage son and 60 chickens.


Single Sessions

1 Hour Clarity Session – $50

Not sure what you’re getting into? This 1-hour session will help you become clear on your goals and Jimi will help you discover what your roadblocks are. You’ll come away feeling confident with clear action steps.

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1 Hour Creative Visualization Session – $150

You know what’s in your way and you’re ready to conquer! In this 1-hour session using powerful, guided imagery, Jimi will help you release stories and programming that have been limiting you.

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Multi Session Packages

6 Session Package – $800

Do you need more than one session? That’s ok! This package allows you to book 6 hour long Creative Visualization sessions at a discounted price. Even deep trauma can be addressed gently and non-invasively without you re-feeling or reliving it. More sessions will allow you to be guided through some of the deeper trauma that is holding you back.

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12 Session Package – $1,500

This specialized program encompasses 12 guided sessions. It begins with a clarity session and learning the Creative Visualization process. Jimi will then guide you through reframing your past. In the final sessions you will be guided through specific issues. If you follow Jimi’s recommendations and complete the weekly assignments by the end You will have developed a daily creative visualization practice and will be able to guide yourself through the process. You will have released old triggers, faced limiting beliefs and upgraded them into beliefs that will empower you and help you succeed.

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