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The Peacegiver

By James L. Ferrell

Why We Love It – by Ann Ferguson:

I went through a situation where my husband was having an affair with a woman who lived inside my home and had a baby while she was inside my home. I was trying to wrap my brain around some things, and for a long time, I did not believe that that was what was actually happening.

That kind of denial is hard to get out of, but I knew I needed something. God will often use books with me, and I’ll get inspired to pull something off the shelf. I pulled this one. This book is The Peacegiver, and it’s by James Ferrell.

It is one of the most profound books on forgiveness and seeing somebody’s other perspective, seeing where you have messed up and what to do about it, and where your judgments are. It is an allegory. The character walks through some dreams.

He and his wife are in really, really bad shape, and he is pissed. He’s walking with his grandpa, who has passed, and shows him different things about how the atonement applies to changing your mind about people.

And what this did for me is it allowed me to really connect with and work with my savior about the things that were going on and keep a clear perspective. It was not a quick process, but I found forgiveness there. And not just for my ex but also for the woman that had the baby.

It’s a great, great book. I reread it recently because of the story of Abigail and Nam. If you’ve got a relationship that you are just really, really struggling with, and you’re still trying to work it out, and you need to find some compassion, and you need to find honor in yourself, and you need the savior, The Peacegiver is the book to read.