I’m doing a big thing today.

It feels unfamiliar.

The growth is stretching me.

Looking into the future is both exciting and uncomfortable. I’ve never occupied the space I’m stepping into.

The summer before my granddaughter went to preschool, she kept telling me “I’m not really big” and she liked to play like she was a baby.

One day she said to me “I’m a little afraid”. I asked her why she was afraid. She was worried about making friends at school. She had never been to school. It was unfamiliar. She was great, and still is, at making friends on the playground, but as she peered into her future, she was unsure and “a little afraid.”

If you watch a time-lapse of a seed germinating and pushing through the soil. You will see that right before the shell cracks it quivers.

I call this the quiver of growth.

It’s what my granddaughter experienced when she was 3.

It’s what I’m experiencing now at age 52.

Here’s to the quiver of growth. I’m cracking the shell of what I am today and growing into the light of what I’m becoming.