Certified Mentor – Mindset Trainer

Joyful Heart Mastery

Stephanie Crowther

Stephanie is a kind and compassionate person. She loves to see others succeed and be happy. She strives to be a good mother, wife, friend, and mentor. Her arms and heart are open to you with this journey towards more joy in life. 
Before becoming a mentor she fought to break emotional and physical cycles. She has been constantly seeking out ways to help her be aware of behaviors and feelings. She constantly strives to teach her children along the way. She has been in dark places, feeling so alone and helpless. Through her journey she has been led to friends, counselors, and priesthood holders for more understanding to recognize how much our Savior is there and guides us. 
Since finding Joyful Heart Mentoring, she has become aware of her thoughts and feelings more than ever. She has found more joy and peace on a daily basis. She feels so free from past experiences and wants to share these tools with others. She is passionate in helping others feel joy and touch a little bit of heaven. It is truly the best gift anyone could have! 

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