I spent a few hours today doing a Rewiring for Empowerment exercise. It’s very similar to the Reframing the Past exercise I teach in Joyful Heart Training.

I’m in stretchy growth right now. It is good growth. But, just like a seed must crack through its outer shell in order to grow, I discovered that to move forward into my deepest desires I needed to crack through some things too.

I was explaining to a friend what surfaced. She was in my life at the time of the original trauma some 30 years ago. She was worried about the emotional pain, anger, and resentment that I may be experiencing due to my willingness to revisit this event.

I explained that I worked with God to let go of and be healed from the wounds that created anger, pain and resentments years ago. She asked why I was examining the situation then. Why not move on? I thought about it for a few minutes and then this awareness came to me.

I’m in a very different place and coming from a very different perspective than ever before. From a more elevated view I can see that what has surfaced is the scar tissue that formed as I healed. That tissue is now limiting my growth and mobility even though the wounds are no longer gaping.

That’s what I worked on today. I let go of the programs that play in my subconscious. I looked at the event without emotional charge. I was able to stay in an attitude of “hmmmm… that interesting that people didn’t respond in a healthy and supportive way”.

I love to co-create with my creator, so I asked him to help me. We cleared up the space so that a new program that will propel me forward and put my desires within my reach could be created. I have greater range of motion because if this exercise.

I’m so grateful for stretchy growth and the knowledge that my limited pattern of the past is no longer my future. The wounds have healed, the scar tissue is gone, and my future is bright!!