Breaking Through Fear

For years I refused to dream. I believed that if I wanted anything more that what life was giving me I was ungrateful. I valued making due with what I had even when I didn’t have enough to make ends meet. I was good at stretching every dollar. I had pride in it. I silently judged those who had abundance. I was better than them because I had grit. I could dig deep and survive. Survival and dreams are like oil and water. They don’t mix. One day I caught a glimpse of what was possible. I can experience the [...]

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Abundance, What Does That Word Even Mean?

"Abundance" What Does That Word Even Mean? by Ann Ferguson Years ago, I believe that living a life in lack was my lot in life.  It felt like I lacked everything outside of the air I had to breathe.  I lacked love; my husband had turned his heart away from me and had given it to another woman. I lacked time; I had five small children who needed every second of my waking hours. I lacked friendship; the woman my husband had given his heart to had been my best friend, so my trust in friendship was gone.  I lacked [...]

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What Would You Do if You Weren’t Afraid?

What Would You Do if You Weren't Afraid? by Ann Ferguson I have been afraid to write for years. When I was a senior in high school, I had a devastating experience with a research paper.  Through that experience, a belief was created that my writing isn’t acceptable or valuable.  Eventually, that belief became a story. I told myself the story so often that evidence of my weakness became a reality.  My freshman year of college, I took an English placement exam and tested out of English 101, I was placed in a composition class.  That should have bolstered my [...]

What Would You Do if You Weren’t Afraid?2022-08-25T08:32:15-06:00


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