Stay Calm and Watch What Happens

  I’ve never written about this journey. Someone just asked me if I have. So, I wrote. It’s still unedited but… I’m about to board a plane to DC and don’t have time to edit before I have to go to airplane mode. So here it is. There’s much more to the story. I’m really excited to continue. As I write I get to see God’s hand in my life again. He is so good! I am so grateful. 2016 The Lump My doctor was concerned about the lump I found under the seat belt bruise. I had been in [...]

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He Trusts Me

  This is a dream I had in 2011 that I'm including in my book. I wrote it down in 2018. I'm so excited that I found it! I saw myself as a child kneeling on the floor about 5 feet from where I was watching. The space around my child self was completely void of light except for the light that was emanating from within her. This light illuminated a present on the floor in front of her. She was just about to unwrap the gift. Throughout the dream, all of the emotions that welled up in her welled [...]

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Not Wrong Just Different

Not Wrong, Just Different By Ann Ferguson Do you ever get frustrated when you are on a quest to learn and use the universal laws of thought to co-create a magnificent life, and your nearest and dearest aren’t interested in knowing what you are doing? Me too! I have had to rely on the skill of honoring others and their timing when I experience this frustration because if not, I will spin into negative places and behave in ways that are not productive. There is a universal law called The Law of Gestation. It states that there is a time appointed [...]

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The Master’s Arms

I felt this last night. I felt held in the Master’s arms. Earlier in the evening fear started to creep in. I read something and immediately started to project what all this means. What life looks like in 6 months or a year a year from now. It was all negative. It was like a tentacle reached out of the screen and was trying to grab my heart in order to suck me deep into the vibration of panic and despair. I not only put my phone down, I placed it screen down. It helped but it was not enough. [...]

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What Do You Want?

I didn’t want to go to the gym today. I really didn’t. It wasn’t because I was sore or sick or anything. I just didn’t wanna. I felt MEH. Sometimes when I feel this way don’t go. But today was different. When I contemplated my morning without the gym It felt weird. I took a deep breath. Counted down, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 .... and I booked the workout. I have found that counting down helps. It’s like blasting off. I think I heard that trick from a TED Talk or something. Anyway, I went. It wasn’t a great [...]

What Do You Want?2022-08-29T17:04:48-06:00

Abundance, What Does That Word Even Mean?

"Abundance" What Does That Word Even Mean? by Ann Ferguson Years ago, I believe that living a life in lack was my lot in life.  It felt like I lacked everything outside of the air I had to breathe.  I lacked love; my husband had turned his heart away from me and had given it to another woman. I lacked time; I had five small children who needed every second of my waking hours. I lacked friendship; the woman my husband had given his heart to had been my best friend, so my trust in friendship was gone.  I lacked [...]

Abundance, What Does That Word Even Mean?2022-08-25T15:43:11-06:00

Patience is Required When Growing an Oak Tree

Patience is Required When Growing an Oak Tree by Ann Ferguson I have children and a husband who are not interested in learning about the Laws of thought.  They have resisted every nudge I have offered to read the Jackrabbit Factor and learn more about how these laws operate and why they are so cool. I get frustrated when no one wants to  join me on this quest to create a magnificent life.  I try to remember the Law of Gestation when I experience frustration because if not, I will spin into negative places, and behave in ways that are not [...]

Patience is Required When Growing an Oak Tree2022-08-25T08:36:24-06:00

How to Believe When You Are Triggered By Your Past

How to Believe When You Are Triggered By Your Past by Ann Ferguson “When there is a choice, I choose to believe.” Leslie Householder’s voice was in my mind. “What kind of doctor ordered your MRI for today?” the lady behind the registration desk asked.  My doctor is a naturopath. Oh no, I thought, not this, not now… “What do you mean, what kind of doctor?” I answered. “He’s the same kind of doctor he was when he ordered my MRI a year and a half ago.  Why? Is there a problem?” “Just a moment, I need to check on something,” [...]

How to Believe When You Are Triggered By Your Past2022-08-25T08:35:00-06:00


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