Quiver of Growth

  I’m doing a big thing today. It feels unfamiliar. The growth is stretching me. Looking into the future is both exciting and uncomfortable. I’ve never occupied the space I’m stepping into. The summer before my granddaughter went to preschool, she kept telling me “I’m not really big” and she liked to play like she was a baby. One day she said to me “I’m a little afraid”. I asked her why she was afraid. She was worried about making friends at school. She had never been to school. It was unfamiliar. She was great, and still is, at making [...]

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Not Wrong Just Different

Not Wrong, Just Different By Ann Ferguson Do you ever get frustrated when you are on a quest to learn and use the universal laws of thought to co-create a magnificent life, and your nearest and dearest aren’t interested in knowing what you are doing? Me too! I have had to rely on the skill of honoring others and their timing when I experience this frustration because if not, I will spin into negative places and behave in ways that are not productive. There is a universal law called The Law of Gestation. It states that there is a time appointed [...]

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Stretchy Growth

I spent a few hours today doing a Rewiring for Empowerment exercise. It’s very similar to the Reframing the Past exercise I teach in Joyful Heart Training. I’m in stretchy growth right now. It is good growth. But, just like a seed must crack through its outer shell in order to grow, I discovered that to move forward into my deepest desires I needed to crack through some things too. I was explaining to a friend what surfaced. She was in my life at the time of the original trauma some 30 years ago. She was worried about the emotional [...]

Stretchy Growth2022-08-29T16:48:19-06:00


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