What Would I Love to Feel?

  Have you heard people say, “Make it a good day!” That’s a really nice thought I’m not the only one in my day that plays into whether or not it ends up good. Oh, I’d love to send out all my plans and make everyone execute them to perfection so that my day is a good one. BUT... I don’t have the power to make anyone do anything. And so, I am kind of at the mercy of everyone else. Circumstances beyond my control, situations I didn’t expect, and the moods of others play into my ability to “have [...]

What Would I Love to Feel?2022-08-29T16:20:41-06:00

Choose Joy

Every morning last week I created Joyful experiences. Years ago it I didn’t know I could create joyful moments. I believed that Joy just happens when you have trudged through enough trials with patience and faith. Not so! I get to choose joy. This is how I did it. I got out of bed at 7:00 and walked. Day 1 - I didn’t want to and I kinda had to kick myself in the butt to get out of bed. I did 1.75 miles. Day 2 - I didn’t WANT to either, but my day was better over all on [...]

Choose Joy2022-08-29T16:20:30-06:00

The “I Don’t Wannas”

Do you ever just feel MEH… That’s me today. I have a huge case of the “I don’t wannas”. I don’t want to do anything productive, responsible or required. Grief and depression are besties. And they’ve come to visit today. I am employing what I know to do to generate moments of JOY in any given situation. There is joy in this process. Here’s what I do. 1 - HONOR MYSELF - give myself GRACE AND PERMISSION to have a meh day. 2 - COMMUNICATE - to key people that my 100% today = radical self care and everything else [...]

The “I Don’t Wannas”2022-08-29T16:20:24-06:00

Connection is a Choice

  Tom’s work requires him to travel a lot! He will be gone for weeks at a time. Then home for a few days and off again. This past trip he has been gone for 3 weeks. These have been some of the most difficult weeks I have passed through in a while. Sometimes when he is gone, and things have been rough, I get locked down into survival mode and rely on myself to make it through. What happens is I push him out of my inner world. He can’t be here and so my heart locks down. It’s [...]

Connection is a Choice2022-08-29T16:20:12-06:00

Breaking Through Fear

For years I refused to dream. I believed that if I wanted anything more that what life was giving me I was ungrateful. I valued making due with what I had even when I didn’t have enough to make ends meet. I was good at stretching every dollar. I had pride in it. I silently judged those who had abundance. I was better than them because I had grit. I could dig deep and survive. Survival and dreams are like oil and water. They don’t mix. One day I caught a glimpse of what was possible. I can experience the [...]

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  I’ve never had a personalized plate. It was time to renew, and Tom asked me if I wanted one. I started playing with ideas, but nothing stuck. Then Tom suggested this. It’s perfection! JOY can be a part of your everyday life and is a very real power! This is a daily practice I teach. It’s called JOY PWR. J – Joy - Connect to a moment of joy and breathe it in. O - One drop at a time - What action step can I take that will bring me closer to accomplishing a project or goal? Y [...]

JOY PWR2022-08-29T16:30:42-06:00

Vulnerability in Connection

Joy comes from connection. Connection to self. Connection to God. Connection to others. Connection comes from vulnerability. As a child I learned the rules to keep safe in a dysfunctional family system. Don’t talk, don’t trust, don’t feel, don’t share. In me these rules bred disconnection, pain, anxiety, fear, isolation, and numbness. Not joy. In those days I defined happiness as an absence of turmoil. I had no idea it was an actual emotion that could be felt and enjoyed. As a young adult I learned that these family rules were destructive to my wellbeing. It was terrifying and so [...]

Vulnerability in Connection2022-08-29T16:19:52-06:00

Stretchy Growth

I spent a few hours today doing a Rewiring for Empowerment exercise. It’s very similar to the Reframing the Past exercise I teach in Joyful Heart Training. I’m in stretchy growth right now. It is good growth. But, just like a seed must crack through its outer shell in order to grow, I discovered that to move forward into my deepest desires I needed to crack through some things too. I was explaining to a friend what surfaced. She was in my life at the time of the original trauma some 30 years ago. She was worried about the emotional [...]

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They Are Watching and Learning

They Are Watching and Learning by Ann Ferguson My son is picking up these principles! Today I took my granddaughters to the park to play.  My son was in drama class, and logistically it didn’t work to have these two busy little girls running around the theatre.  There was a park across the street.   It was a gorgeous day, and there was lots of activity at the park. Olivia, the three-year-old, quickly made friends with another little girl. They were soon besties and were engaged in imaginary games like running away from “the lava monster.” I was following the 18-month-old [...]

They Are Watching and Learning2022-08-25T15:41:49-06:00

Imperfect Perfection – Why You Are Not Disappointing God

Imperfect Perfection - Why You Are Not Disappointing God by Ann Ferguson When I see a rosebud, I see potential.  I enjoy the anticipation of it blooming.  It has not opened up. It is beautiful, and it brings me joy. When I see a rose that has begun to bloom, I see growth. I lean in and smell the fragrance it’s blessing the world with.  It is not in full bloom. It is beautiful, and it brings me joy. When I see a rose that is in full bloom, I see maturity.  It is rich in color and is expansive.  It [...]

Imperfect Perfection – Why You Are Not Disappointing God2022-08-25T08:33:25-06:00


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