I’ve never had a personalized plate. It was time to renew, and Tom asked me if I wanted one. I started playing with ideas, but nothing stuck. Then Tom suggested this. It’s perfection! JOY can be a part of your everyday life and is a very real power! This is a daily practice I teach. It’s called JOY PWR. J – Joy - Connect to a moment of joy and breathe it in. O - One drop at a time - What action step can I take that will bring me closer to accomplishing a project or goal? Y [...]

JOY PWR2022-08-29T16:30:42-06:00

Staying Out of God’s Way

I found this on my notes app. I don't remember writing it. But it struck a chord with me today. What do you do when you feel like there is nothing you can do? Pray, lean into surrender, and breathe. If I stay calm the answer will come. If I'm busy doing just so I can say I did something, I may be in God's way. What do you do when there is something you can do and it’s terrifying? Pray for power. Take a deep breath and walk forward with God's hand in yours to steady you. You can’t [...]

Staying Out of God’s Way2022-08-29T16:33:36-06:00

The Master’s Arms

I felt this last night. I felt held in the Master’s arms. Earlier in the evening fear started to creep in. I read something and immediately started to project what all this means. What life looks like in 6 months or a year a year from now. It was all negative. It was like a tentacle reached out of the screen and was trying to grab my heart in order to suck me deep into the vibration of panic and despair. I not only put my phone down, I placed it screen down. It helped but it was not enough. [...]

The Master’s Arms2022-08-29T16:45:29-06:00

See It

My son just jackrabbited his wallet that he thought he lost up in Wyoming last weekend. (If you don’t understand what “jackrabbited” means read The Jackrabbit Factor by Leslie Householder.) Last weekend we drove from St George, Utah to Star Valley, Wyoming for a family funeral. Saturday evening, we drove back from Star Valley, Wyoming to Orem, Utah and stayed the night there. Sunday morning as we were leaving to head home, I asked my son if wanted to drive. He had a panicked/guilty/ embarrassed look on his face. He said he could not find his wallet. It has his [...]

See It2022-08-29T16:40:39-06:00

Abundance, What Does That Word Even Mean?

"Abundance" What Does That Word Even Mean? by Ann Ferguson Years ago, I believe that living a life in lack was my lot in life.  It felt like I lacked everything outside of the air I had to breathe.  I lacked love; my husband had turned his heart away from me and had given it to another woman. I lacked time; I had five small children who needed every second of my waking hours. I lacked friendship; the woman my husband had given his heart to had been my best friend, so my trust in friendship was gone.  I lacked [...]

Abundance, What Does That Word Even Mean?2022-08-25T15:43:11-06:00

How to Believe When You Are Triggered By Your Past

How to Believe When You Are Triggered By Your Past by Ann Ferguson “When there is a choice, I choose to believe.” Leslie Householder’s voice was in my mind. “What kind of doctor ordered your MRI for today?” the lady behind the registration desk asked.  My doctor is a naturopath. Oh no, I thought, not this, not now… “What do you mean, what kind of doctor?” I answered. “He’s the same kind of doctor he was when he ordered my MRI a year and a half ago.  Why? Is there a problem?” “Just a moment, I need to check on something,” [...]

How to Believe When You Are Triggered By Your Past2022-08-25T08:35:00-06:00

The Joy of Dreaming

The Joy of Dreaming By Ann Ferguson I remember the moment I realized that I had stopped dreaming. My fiancée was repairing my desk’s keyboard tray that kept falling off the tracks. We were about four months away from starting our new life together. He was really anxious to get me into a better situation than the one I was living in. He was under the desk, laying on his back, twisting a screwdriver. “Are you ready to start dreaming with me?” It caught me off guard. I didn’t dream. I made the best of what was offered to me, and [...]

The Joy of Dreaming2022-08-25T08:20:45-06:00


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