Tara Hart
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Joyful Heart Mastery
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Joyful Heart Mastery        *experience runs 12 weeks

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Mentoring at Home     * experience runs 7 weeks

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Tara Hart

Tara is a gifted mentor and teacher. She focuses on creating a safe atmosphere in her classes and loves helping others to find their joys in this crazy thing we call life.  She is able to connect personally with those she mentors and walk with them in their journeys.  Christ meets us where we are and Tara strives to follow His example in all of her interactions.    
Her life is one well acquainted with trials and grief and yet, she tries to find joy in the journey and everyday she reminds herself that “Every trial simply reminds me I have more to give”(Emily Belle Freeman).  She has seen so much growth through trials she has faced and this gives her ability to empathize with so many.  
Tara grew up in a blended family and has seen the effects of substance abuse throughout her life.  She studied psychology and early childhood and furthered her studies by obtaining an education license where she taught elementary children for a few years.  Since having her second baby she has been a stay at home mom which is amazing and so isolating all at the same time. She truly understands the grief associated with loss. After losing two precious babies she and her husband were blessed with two more girls finishing their family.  As the primary caretaker of her aging grandparents who suffer from Alzheimer’s and dementia she understands the effort required to care for the aging and has come to see the blessings in the moments she gets with them. Through personal and close familial experience she has come to understand the turmoil that bipolar disorder, depression and postpartum depression (with anxiety), and other chronic illnesses can bring to individuals and family members. 
Tara loves serving and helping others.  She has a gift for teaching and showing compassion.  She loves learning and is continually trying to improve herself to be a better disciple of Christ, wife, mother, mentor and friend.