Do you ever just feel MEH…

That’s me today. I have a huge case of the “I don’t wannas”. I don’t want to do anything productive, responsible or required. Grief and depression are besties. And they’ve come to visit today. I am employing what I know to do to generate moments of JOY in any given situation. There is joy in this process.

Here’s what I do.
1 – HONOR MYSELF – give myself GRACE AND PERMISSION to have a meh day.
2 – COMMUNICATE – to key people that my 100% today = radical self care and everything else is in the back burner for the day.
3 – CANCEL – all unnecessary commitments to my time and only talk to those who need vital information from me to keep projects moving forward without me.
4 – CHECK IN WITH ME – by asking myself. “What do I need right now”
5 – LISTEN AND RESPOND – without judgement. Even if it isn’t “normal” and/or changes from moment to moment.
6 – AVOID SHOULDS AND SHOULDN’TS – Radical self care is a judgment and shame free zone.
7 – FIND ONE THING – I can do to push a little outside of the meh zone.
8- RECEIVE – receive support from myself God and others.

What that looked like today is… (Notice I didn’t do this in order and I’m 100% ok with that!)

  • HONOR WITH GRACE AND PERMISSION – I didn’t wash my face, or brush my teeth. I threw my hair in a pony and called it good.
  • CHECK IN – Ask myself “What do I need?”
  • LISTEN, RESPOND and RECEIVE – put on workout clothes and get onto a zoom stretch and Pilates toning class with my friend Jennifer Bourne.
  • HONOR WITH GRACE – only do about 1/2 the reps because I didn’t feel like pushing into the discomfort of fatigue.
  • AVOID SHOULDS – walk away from the workout because I needed a glass of water.
  • HONOR WITH GRACE – aimlessly walk around the house trying to remember if there was a meeting I was supposed to be in.
  • CHECK IN – Ask “What do I need right now?”
  • LISTEN, RESPOND, RECEIVE – Attend the meeting. Letting others know where I’m at today felt good. Now I’m not hiding or isolating. Someone knows.
  • HONOR WITH PERMISSION – be authentic and cry in front of my team.
  • AVOID THE SHOULDS – Resist the “I shouldn’t dump this on you all”
  • RECEIVE – Tender love and support.
  • COMMUNICATE – Tell my team it’s a radical self care / grief day and let them know I’m not committing to any personal action steps today.
  • CANCEL – All non essential commitments.
  • HONOR WITH GRACE – Wander the house some more.
  • CHECK IN – Ask, ”What do I need right now?”
  • LISTEN, RESPOND and RECEIVE – Realize I’m cold and go outside to warm up because I don’t want to bother with adjusting the thermostat. Too much effort today.
  • LISTEN, RESPOND and RECEIVE – Make a couple of videos for TikTok. Just because I wanted to. Something popped into my head and the background was good.
  • LISTEN, RESPOND – Realize that I’m hungry and go in the house.
  • AVOID SHOULDS – Eat corned beef and berries because they were right there and easy to grab from the fridge.
  • CHECK IN – Wander some more. Ask “What do I need right now?
  • LISTEN, RESPOND and RECEIVE – Take vitamins because I’m tired then and go upstairs!
  • AVOID SHOULDS – Offer grace and remain in a space of making everything I needed right instead of wrong. There are lots of things I need to get done/should get done.
  • CHECK IN – Ask ”What do I need right now?”
  • LISTEN AND RESPOND – Write out this process and share it.
  • LISTEN AND RESPOND – Grab airpods.
  • DO ONE THING – Listen to a meditation that always boost my mood when I wake up.
It is a joy to know that I have permission to show up for me.
Be kind to yourself today!