Certified Mentor

Tina Green

Hello! My name is Tina Green and I am a certified Joyful Heart Mentor. I have such a great desire to show you how to find peace and learn to find, protect and create joy in your life, just the way it is!

When I participated in the Joyful Heart Mastery experience the first time many years ago, I learned through my mentor and the wonderful friends in class that held space for me, that God has a deep love and acceptance for me. As the Lord led me to, and then through the Joyful Heart Mastery experience, I was able to overcome the fear of being loved and being heard. I have developed confidence, as these tools brought me new opportunities, ways of thinking, and new friendships with Joyful Heart Mastery. I now choose to connect with God while Satan loses his control and power over my joy.

See, I am a mother of three wonderful children. One lives with me now, and the other two are grown. I am divorced.  Over the years I developed anxiety, depression, and fear of abandonment. I also had a fear of making it on my own, and not having enough courage or confidence. I have experienced intense grief from losing my sister to cancer, my brother to suicide, and my dad who had many stokes and dementia.

These experiences repeatedly brought me to my knees. But they have also been blessings. Through these trials, I have gained increased understanding and empathy for others. I have learned to rely on my Savior.  I have learned to find peace through the tools Joyful Heart Mastery brought to me. It has been a divine gift for me. The tools I have learned have empowered me to more fully heal past hurts and strengthen my relationships with family, friends, and God.  I’ve been given real and even practical understanding of how to recognize, protect, and expand the joy in my life.  This has taught me how to feel joy in my sadness, peace in my pain, and love from my Father in Heaven when my heart was hurting. Now, I do not feel alone, but held and strengthened by God. I feel his presence and know I am doing His will and feel He is guiding me.  I have learned that even in our struggles and our trials we can find peace and joy and recognize there is a bigger purpose for our lives.

I would love to share with you the tools I was given and I want to share one of the greatest gifts I was given, JOY –by being your mentor. I invite you to come with me on this life-changing journey and learn how to really hear and ignore Satan’s lies, and most importantly how to hear God. To connect with Him wholeheartedly, recognize His unconquerable love for you, and to truly feel your infinite, divine worth and of course — to feel JOY!

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