I didn’t want to go to the gym today.

I really didn’t. It wasn’t because I was sore or sick or anything. I just didn’t wanna. I felt MEH. Sometimes when I feel this way don’t go. But today was different. When I contemplated my morning without the gym It felt weird.

I took a deep breath. Counted down, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 …. and I booked the workout. I have found that counting down helps. It’s like blasting off. I think I heard that trick from a TED Talk or something. Anyway, I went.

It wasn’t a great workout. I don’t feel energized or great. It was tough to get through and I didn’t enjoy it. Some days are like that.

On the way home even though my body didn’t feel awesome, I felt gratitude. I felt like I showed up for myself. I have been consistently going on Tuesday and Thursday for several weeks now. It’s what I do. Because it’s what I do, just the idea if not going felt off. Here’s the thing. Going to the gym is not my ultimate goal. If that were the final goal, I wouldn’t be able to get there on the I don’t wanna days.

My ultimate goal is to be healthy and fit so that I can experience life with my kids and grandkids. I want to show up for my daughter and her help her with her babies so that she has a break. I want to be active and play with those little girls. I want to dance with them. And play tag and climb. I want to hike and explore and use my body to experience this life. I don’t want to say I can’t because I’m tired or achy or hurting. I want to have true vitality. Some days I do not want to work out but I do want it be fit. That is my core value. That is the desire of my heart.

When I was doing some of the healing protocols for the breast cancer, I envisioned myself playing on the beach with my granddaughter. I envisioned taking her to the park and running with her. That vision led me to the things that helped me heal. It led me to supplements and nutrition. It let me to a perfect workout solution for me.

Our visions and dreams are so powerful if we are willing to really, really focus on them. See them. Feel what It feels like to be in that future reality. And then express thanks to God for everything that is on its way to bring the things to you that will help you experience your heart’s desires.

It’s not an easy thing to do when you are looking at everything around you that tells you not to dream or hope. But that tenacity of focus in what you want is the very thing that makes your dreams possible.

It’s so awesome to play with my grandkids and have the strength and energy to do so. It’s one of my joys. I have found that there is a space between a dream and the dream realized that has a some I don’t wanna days in the middle. If I focus on what I want…. I mean what really truly WANT, I can trick myself into doing what I don’t want. I know that this is possible for everyone.

So, my question today is … What do you want????

The first step towards any dream is being brave enough to answer the question “what do I want?” If you get stuck and the idea of answering that question feels wrong, don’t worry I have felt that way too. It can be scary to open to door to possibilities.

Let’s start here.

Ready … set … GO! Who’s brave enough to share a dream?