Have you heard people say, “Make it a good day!”

That’s a really nice thought I’m not the only one in my day that plays into whether or not it ends up good.

Oh, I’d love to send out all my plans and make everyone execute them to perfection so that my day is a good one.


I don’t have the power to make anyone do anything. And so, I am kind of at the mercy of everyone else. Circumstances beyond my control, situations I didn’t expect, and the moods of others play into my ability to “have a good day”

Or do they?

Do I truly have the ability to make it a good day without the agreements and participation of others?

Am I really powerless unless everyone plays nice?

It was a freeing moment when I discovered the secret to making it a good day regardless of what did or did not happen.

It starts with a feeling.

Ask yourself this question right now

What would I LOVE to FEEL today?

If you feel any sense of distrust or unbelief. That’s ok. You’re not committing to anything. Just pretend it’s a game.

What would YOU LOVE to FEEL today?

When you find the emotion, ask this next question.

When is the last time I felt this.

It only takes a few moments to find the memory. You have felt it before because you k ow what it feels like to the point you knew you wanted to feel it again.

Once you have the memory, let yourself experience the emotion right now it this moment.

Really experience it.

Lean in.

I promise you can go there.

It’s safe to allow it.

Now when it’s fully present in your mind. Check in with your body.

What are you experiencing? Is your chest lighter? Do you have butterflies in your belly? Did your body settle in and relax a little?

You’re doing great. Keep it up!

Now with the awareness of the memory, the feeling and body sensations take a deep breath and say, “This…. This right here. Today I would LOVE to make more of this. Today. This is my choice. This is how I would LOVE to feel.”

Take a deep breath and know that you have just taken the most important step in creating your day!